Oratorio: Media and Presentation Training

Oratorio's clients learn to develop and deliver key messages with style, confidence and discipline - in TV interviews, Zoom presentations, speeches, online meetings and webinars.

Effective communication skills are key to accelerating brand awareness and revenue. Oratorio offers one-on-one coaching, small-group session, large-group programs and self-paced video e-learning modules. Training is conducted both in-person and online.

Create and present engaging content that keeps your audiences' attention. Get the same templates we use in our client sessions free below:

Media Training

The best reason to give an interview is to advance an agenda – and controlling the outcome is crucial. One favorable soundbite can produce huge bottom-line benefits to an organization; a poor performance can mean a waste of resources at best and disaster at worst.

Oratorio’s media training sessions teach senior executives and officials to communicate effectively with television, newspaper, radio, and online reporters around the world.

Crisis Communications

Recognizing the critical need for effective communication during challenging situations, Oratorio's Crisis Communications program provides clients with invaluable tools and expertise to navigate and manage crises with confidence. Through a comprehensive approach, including on-camera recording and feedback sessions, participants gain hands-on experience in delivering impactful messages under pressure. Oratorio equips individuals with the skills to effectively address stakeholders, preserve reputation, and minimize the impact of a crisis.

Presentation Training

Public speaking can bring amazing opportunities your way. There are few skills more widely valued or admired than the ability to speak in front of a group. You can set yourself apart by doing it well. Oratorio shows professionals how to develop and deliver all types of presentations and speeches with style and self-confidence. Our intensive hands-on coaching features a combination of on-camera practice on performance/delivery and content development with tips on how to crystallize and organize information into a persuasive and compelling narrative, plus an overview of visuals called “Avoiding Death By PowerPoint."

Career Branding

With a focus on empowering individuals to stand out in the competitive job market, Oratorio's Career Branding program combines intense hands-on guidance, real-world examples, and proprietary worksheets to help participants enhance their personal brand and excel in job interviews. By leveraging proven techniques and tailored strategies, participants gain the necessary skills to craft a compelling narrative, showcase their unique strengths, and confidently articulate their value and personal brand to potential employers.

As Seen in

“Before you know it, it’s five minutes later, and they’re having a goofy conversation about his girlfriend,” the National Automobile Dealers Association said. “Meanwhile, his political operatives were sitting in the back of the room snickering.” The exchange was funny and lighthearted, but it made an impression.

 He stepped off the elevator and opened the door. Suddenly the lights went on, and a camera was thrust in his face. “I’d been ambushed.”

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