Career Branding

Unlock your professional potential and stand out in a job market with our cutting-edge Career Branding program,

designed to crush a job interview while managing your nerves.

On-Camera Interviews and Video Playback

This has two purposes: to get them thinking about the importance of developing and sticking with strong key messages, and to give them an understanding of how reporters think and work.

Curated Worksheets

Oratorio has created a specialized methodology for turning essential information into powerful messaging. Using a proprietary brainstorming technique and a series of worksheets and templates we’ve developed for over 20 years, participants learn how to rapidly organize their thoughts and put them into clear and compelling language for interviews and presentations. 

Message Development

The simple fact is that people respond to stories. They aren’t moved to action by lots of dry data or complicated PowerPoint slides, rather by engaging and visual storytelling. And that is why storytelling is so important in your presentations, allowing you to engage your audience and keep their attention.