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Don’t Just Sit There – Do Something



By Susan Tomai

When you’re called upon to do a TV interview, whether in the studio, via satellite or even Skype, the last thing a producer wants is another ”talking head” – someone who just sits there and speaks while barely moving.

To keep viewers engaged, you have to be engaging. Your interview is in fact not just an interview – it needs to be a performance. I’m not asking you to be phony, or someone other than yourself, but I am asking you to be a somewhat “bigger” version of yourself.

Dig deep into that charismatic side of your personality. Get your hands up out of your lap and use them, preferably with purpose. For example, if you say something is “huge,” hold your hands apart to indicate “huge.” If something is “coming together,” weave your fingers together. If something is “on the rise,” move your hands upward to indicate that.

Remember: what you’re saying may be spellbinding, but if you don’t reflect that with your gestures, your TV audience may not hear it.


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