The Last Word


By Susan Tomai 

A TV interview can be stressful – and to the interviewee, the ending is often a huge relief. But who controls that ending?

If you’re the one being asked the questions, take advantage of your opportunity to have the last word. This requires practice, and may even feel a little rude. If the interviewer says something along the lines of “Thanks for being here, we’ve run out of time” – you may think it’s inappropriate to say something more than just “Thank you for having me” before the show cuts to commercial or the next segment. But why waste an opportunity to repeat a message, reinforce your brand, or send the audience to your Instagram feed?


Here’s an example:

INTERVIEWER: Okay thanks, Catherine – appreciate you coming on the program but we’ll have to leave it there.

YOU: Thank you, Allison – it was great to have the opportunity to talk about the importance of XYZ – for more information go to

The audience often remembers the last thing you say better than anything that came before – so make it count.

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