Walk This Way


When delivering a presentation, you don’t want to move too little or too much. Standing frozen in one spot or shifting from one foot to another when you’re addressing a crowd looks tentative and unpolished. It’s much better to use the stage like an actor and fill the space.

Start by standing tall, with your weight distributed equally across both feet. Don’t shift or rock back and forth and don’t favor one foot over the other. Then, move forward deliberately, as though you’re going somewhere. Take a few steps to the right, stop, and deliver a point. Then do the same, to the left. Move closer to the audience when you are making a particularly important point. Then, to get back to where you started, don’t back up or turn your back to the audience; instead, walk from side to side on a barely perceptible angle backward. If you do this, you’ll look “bigger,” more commanding, and even more trustworthy.

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