Stakeholder Broadcasting



Unleashing Trapped Meeting and Conference Content for a Worldwide Audience

Video is revolutionizing the Internet. From viral YouTube clips to the latest Netflix programming blockbuster to Skype video calls, watching it all from the palm of your hand from anywhere across the globe is becoming commonplace. And as meeting conference planners increasingly see the need to broadcast their content in live high-quality video on the Web, Oratorio is partnering with OVS Media to offer Stakeholder Broadcasting services to our clients.

What is Stakeholder Broadcasting?

1. Live Internet broadcast of a meeting, conference, or any live event.

2. Enables an organization to connect directly with key stakeholders to enhance transparency, communication and branding.

3. Unleashes valuable information currently trapped inside conferences and meeting rooms to a much wider audience, live over the Internet.

How can you leverage your investment in meetings and conferences, and reach more stakeholders who can’t attend your conferences in person?

With Stakeholder Broadcasting, stakeholders can experience meetings and conferences live, in high-quality streaming video, right on what appears to be your company’s website (actually hosted on the OVS Media servers) – complete with live Twitter feeds, closed-captioning, mobile device capability and audience measurement.

This is not a traditional videoconference or Webcast; you can think of Stakeholder Broadcasting as an “online TV show” for target audiences – or any other people who can’t attend a meeting or conference in person. Online viewers can now experience the same content – presentations, training sessions, keynote speakers – as the in-person attendees. And because all the video is archived online after the live event, viewers can access all the content from the event via your website for as long as you wish.

Oratorio and our partner OVS Media provide a turnkey package: the portable on-site video uploading equipment, the on-site broadcast technician and producer, the live and archive hosting of the dedicated Web page. Additional costs include bandwidth provided by the hotel or convention facility, and video equipment (cameras, lighting, audio) and operators.

Here are links to two OVS Media Stakeholder Broadcasts:

“Fantastic new opportunities are multiplying for SIFMA through Stakeholder Broadcasting. Our members and other interested parties around the world can now see major policy speeches by our CEO, and virtually attend our conferences and meetings. Also, OVS Media is reliable, cost-effective and easy to work with – exactly what we need.”

– Cheryl Crispen, EVP, Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association

Stakeholder Broadcasting is the future of meetings and events. People will always need to get together face-to-face, but it won’t be long before all meetings will also be broadcast live online. Reach out to us at to get started.